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5 Characteristics Of A Godly Woman

She moved to Uganda in to pioneer work in the slum communities and daily saw the love of Jesus transforming lives. She is now based in the UK running the International office and overseeing the expansion of the work both in Uganda and in to other nations. Sarah Yardley is a Californian based in Cornwall who loves Jesus, family, friendships, coffee, travel, and guacamole. She loves discovering what it means to follow Jesus and inviting others to know and follow Him. Lydia is married to Mark, has three amazing kids, and is a local church leader in Loughton Essex.

This Is What It Means To Be A Woman Of God

Lydia loves Jesus and longs to see His Kingdom transform the lives and communities around us. She has a passion for raising disciples and to see people run the race in which God sets before them. Her prayer is that we will see a beautiful revival in this nation where the people of God and our local communities are saturated with the wonderful presence of God.

Joe is married to Claire and grew up in YCC. He leads the Create team based at YCC bringing volunteers from all over the world to work with the young people through creative arts. He oversees worship also sings in a rock band called Brought into being, gigging and leading worship all over the place. He wants to see people connecting to our creator God through creativity. Girls' Night In The significance of what the Lord did through Sister Cardon was evidenced by the fact that for the remainder of the evening we were inundated with questions about families, children, and marital harmony——subjects eminently more important than anything else that had been addressed.

Because Sister Cardon had earnestly sought direction from the Spirit and had exercised the faith and courage to respond to what she was told, the Lord had magnified her in a powerful way in furthering His purposes. I desire to share some thoughts about such experiences, with a prayer that you will come to understand more fully what it means to be a man or a woman of God, and to invite you to become a man or a woman of God.

Woman of God by James Patterson

To give these attributes greater contextual meaning, have you ever attempted to associate an individual with each attribute? Thinking about an individual who struggled with the vicissitudes of life but managed to develop a divine attribute in his or her life provides a powerful example that may assist us in our efforts to do the same. Consider the following examples. For the attribute of faith, consider the brother of Jared. As he prayed regularly, the brother of Jared was directed in his work.

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When a matter arose in which he needed further direction, the Lord invited him to find a solution. This he did, taking 16 small molten stones to the Lord to ask for something that only the Lord could do. Many prophets have endured difficult things that have imbued them with patience. And where is the pavilion that covereth thy hiding place? For charity, consider Mormon. From the heart of this faithful prophet and valiant military leader who prepared the sacred book of scripture that bears his name comes this counterintuitive yet remarkably inspired counsel to his people, who were then immersed in despair and destruction:.

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Monson, his life is synonymous with duty and diligence. His very being defines diligence. He said:.

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Like these men of God, we can develop divine attributes in our own lives. Having considered the attributes of Deity, we are led to the essential, central question: what is the defining characteristic of men and women of God? Consider the following:.

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They understand the will of the Father in accomplishing His plan. As you consider your own circumstances, the following statements may provide a helpful guide to making this characteristic a part of you, even defining who you are:.

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A conviction to do the will of the Father comes from exercising faith to follow the direction given by the Spirit. As in all righteous endeavors, the Savior is our great Exemplar. That pattern is characteristic of a man or woman of God. Jesus also exemplifies a final element I would like to address in becoming men and women of God. Jesus knew who He was and that His Father had given Him a mission to accomplish. He knew that His Father had sent Him. Similarly, a man or a woman of God knows and remembers who he or she is and that God has a work for him or her to do.

Note, however, that men and women of God must first become sons and daughters of Christ, being born of Him. The Lord wants you to know that you are children of the covenant.