Twas the Fourth Night before Christmas (Modern Myth Book 1)

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On the surface, the two figures are polar opposites, but underneath they share the same parent, and both retain many of the old symbols associated with their "father". From these two paths, he arrived at both the warmth of our fireplace and in the flames of hell.

Who Is Santa, and What Does He Have to Do With Christmas?

Matthew You ever noticed how easy it is to transform "Satan" from "Santa"? Just move the "n" to the end. And presto! Obviously, there are many that tie the two together. The rearranging of letters called anagrams to hide secret names or words has long been practiced in the occult. The Jewish Encyclopedia writes of the Jewish occult book called the Cabala:.

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One of the most well known anagram in the occult world is the name of Sanat Kumara. Sanat is better known as Satan. In occult writings, Lucifer and Venus are one and the same. Satan, the Serpent of Genesis is the real creator and benefactor , the Father of Spiritual mankind.

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For it is he. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine , Vol 3, p. It is also worth noting, Santa is Spanish for holy. Santa is also from the Latin word sanctus which means also saintly, holy. Our English words "saint, sanctify, et al" comes from santa. The Alice Bailey founded new age, occult publishing company was originally named Lucifer Publishing Company but in the name was cleverly changed to Lucis Trust.

By the way, the Lucifer worshipping Lucis Trust is a major player in the works of the United Nations, formerly located in the United Nations building but now located on prime-time Wall Street. He is a well-known character. Walter W. Sleay, Concise Dictionary of English Etymology , p. A teaser for the film says, "If your mother was an angel and your father was the devil you'd be messed up too.

Oh, the name of the Antichrist in the Left Behind series?

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Nicolae "Nick" Carpathia, of course. In fact, one of the books in titled, Nicolae, The Rise of the Antichrist. It is also interesting, the book American Slang defines the slang word nick : to rob or steal. Robert L.

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Chapman, American Slang , p. This is how the Lord Jesus characterizes the devil in John 1 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way [say a chimney? John ,9,10 Father Christmas. Levi-Strauss goes on to write that children believe in him, paying homage to him with letters and prayers.

And what better "I will be like the most High.

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And there is the seemingly innocent, friendly, jingle-jangle name of Kriss Kringle. By far, the name Kriss Kringle is the most blasphemous. With Kriss, Satan slowly removes the mask. There is no doubt about the intentions of "Kriss Kringle". Believe it or not. Kriss Kringle is German for "little Christ Child".

Keep reading. The evidence has just begun. His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow. The Lord Jesus Christ in Revelation 1. His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!

Twas The Night Before Christmas

His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow, And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow;" Daniel describes the Lord Jesus, as the "Ancient of days" with white hair, "like the pure wool. He is a Father. He is a king.

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Are you surprised? Revelation Do you get the strangest feeling that someone is trying to "be like someone else"? And his feet. Satan was not just kidding when he said in Isaiah , ".

1. Introduction

I will be like the most High. The Lord Jesus warned us in John 10 about those that ". Thor liked to wear furs in red for fire, and white for snow.

He is usually pictured with a long white beard. He had a palace in the north.

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And he also rode through the sky in a sled pulled by two goats, named Gnasher and Crasher. Just a coincident. Thor the "god" of thunder, fire and lightning. Sounds a lot like someone else. Like maybe. Santa and Satan. It is no secret that Thor symbolizes Satan. The rock group KISS, who dressed as demons from hell spewing forth fire and blood in their concerts, has a song dedicated to the god of Thor titled God of Thunder. Some of the lyrics:. There is also the mythological creature named Chimera coming from the same root word "chim" as chim-ney. Chimera is a strange creature.

It seems Chimera is part lion , part goat and part serpent. I wonder where they got that from? Chimera breathes fire and lives in the underworld called Hell. Hans Biedermann, Dictionary of Symbolism , p. Why the north pole? Nobody lives at the North Pole. Psalm The Lord dwells in "the north, the city of the great King". By the way, remember what Lucifer said in Isaiah , when he rebelled against God?