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Elser had extreme views, supported by a letter that Schurr sent to a newspaper in Ulm in which stated that Elser "was always extremely interested in some act of violence against Hitler and his cronies. He always called Hitler a 'gypsy'—one just had to look at his criminal face. Elser's parents were Protestant, and he attended church with his mother as a child, though his attendance lapsed.

His church attendance increased during , after he had decided to carry out the assassination attempt, either at a Protestant or Roman Catholic church.

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He claimed that church attendance and the recitation of the Lord's Prayer calmed him. He told his arresting officers: "I believe in the survival of the soul after death, and I also believed that I would not go to heaven if I had not had an opportunity to prove that I wanted good. I also wanted to prevent by my act even greater bloodshed. During five days of interrogation in Berlin 19—22 November , Elser articulated his motive to his interrogators:.

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I considered how to improve the conditions of the workers and avoid a war. For this I was not encouraged by anyone Even from Radio Moscow I never heard that the German government and the regime must be overthrown. I reasoned the situation in Germany could only be modified by a removal of the current leadership, I mean Hitler, Goering and Goebbels I did not want to eliminate Nazism I was merely of the opinion that a moderation in the policy objectives will occur through the elimination of these three men The idea of eliminating the leadership came to me in the fall of I thought to myself that this is only possible if the leadership is together at a rally.

Five years later in Dachau concentration camp, SS officer Lechner claimed Elser revealed his motive to him:. I had to do it because, for his whole life, Hitler has meant the downfall of Germany I would have preferred it if they executed me right away.


In order to find out how best to implement his assassination plan, Elser travelled to Munich by train on 8 November , the day of Hitler's annual speech on the anniversary of the Beer Hall Putsch. He stayed until midnight before going back to his lodging. He continued to work in the Waldenmaier armament factory in Heidenheim and systematically stole explosives, hiding packets of powder in his bedroom. Realising he needed the exact dimensions of the column to build his bomb he returned to Munich, staying 4—12 April He took a camera with him, a Christmas gift from Maria Schmauder.

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He had just become unemployed due to an argument with a factory supervisor. While there, he collected an arsenal of blasting cartridges and detonators, causing him to admit to his interrogators, "I knew two or three detonators were sufficient for my purposes, but I thought the surplus will increase the explosive effect. In July, in a secluded orchard owned by his parents, Elser tested several prototypes of his bomb. Clock movements given to him in lieu of wages when leaving Rothmund in Meersburg in and a car indicator "winker" were incorporated into the "infernal machine".

In August, after a bout of sickness, he left for Munich.

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Powder, explosives, a battery and detonators filled the false bottom of his wooden suitcase. Other boxes contained his clothes, clock movements and the tools of his trade. Elser arrived in Munich on 5 August Using his real name, he rented a room in the apartments of two unsuspecting couples, at first staying with the Baumanns and from 1 September, Alfons and Rosa Lehmann.

Working on the gallery level and using a flashlight dimmed with a blue handkerchief, he started by installing a secret door in the timber panelling to a pillar behind the speaker's rostrum.

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After removing the plaster behind the door, he hollowed out a chamber in the brickwork for his bomb. He then left via a rear door, often carrying a small suitcase filled with debris.

Christian Weber , a veteran from the Beer Hall Putsch and the Munich city councillor, was responsible. On the nights of 1—2 November, Elser installed the explosives in the pillar. To celebrate the completion of his work, Elser recalled later, "I left by the back road and went to the Isartorplatz where at the kiosk I drank two cups of coffee.

Leaving them his tool boxes and baggage, he returned to Munich the next day for a final check. The next morning he departed Munich by train for Friedrichshafen via Ulm. Hitler was welcomed to the platform by Christian Weber. As fog was forecast, possibly preventing him from flying back to Berlin the next morning, Hitler decided to return to Berlin the same night by his private train. The bomb brought down part of the ceiling and roof and caused the gallery and an external wall to collapse, leaving a mountain of rubble.

About people were still in the hall at the time. Seven were killed. Another sixty-three were injured, sixteen seriously, with one dying later. Hitler did not learn of the attempt on his life until later that night on a stop in Nuremberg. When told of the bombing by Goebbels, Hitler responded, "A man has to be lucky. Hitler returned from Berlin to stand before seven flag-draped coffins as Rudolf Hess addressed the SA guard, the onlookers and the listeners to Grossdeutsche Rundfunk Greater German Radio. In his half-hour oration, Hess was not short on hyperbole:.

At this time the German people take their sad leave of the victims of a gruesome crime, a crime almost unparalleled in history The perpetrators of this crime have succeeded in teaching the German people to hate After " Der gute Kamerad " was played, Hitler placed a wreath of chrysanthemums on each coffin, then stepped back to lift his arm in the Nazi salute. The next day, Elser was transferred by car to Munich Gestapo Headquarters.

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Despite the clear evidence of the German make, Himmler released to the press that the metal parts pointed to "foreign origin". Himmler offered a reward of , marks for information leading to the capture of the culprits, and the Gestapo was soon deluged with hundreds of suspects. Every family member and possible acquaintance of Elser was rounded up for interrogation.

At the Schmauder residence in Schnaitheim, year-old Maria Schmauder told of her family's recent boarder who was working on an "invention", had a false bottom in his suitcase, and worked at the Vollmer quarry. Later, on the basis of his Swabian accent, Elser was identified by a storekeeper as the man to whom he had sold a "sound proofing insulation plate" to deaden the sound of ticking clocks.

Huber had the idea of asking Elser to bare his knees. He later recalled: "But Elser, who was groaning and bleeding profusely from the mouth and nose, made no confession; he would probably not have been physically able to, even if he had wanted to. His face was swollen and beaten black and blue. His eyes were bulging out of their sockets, and I was horrified by his appearance An officer placed himself behind Elser and, to make him talk, he kept striking him on the back or on the back of his head What he said was something like this: He had taken black powder from the Vollmer Company, and with this he had built a time bomb.

He had been induced to do this by foreign agents and had acted on their orders However, she did not help their cause, which was to find some fragment of evidence that Elser had not acted alone. While in Berlin, Elser made five full-size drawings of the design of his bomb in order to persuade his interrogators that he was the sole instigator of the assassination attempt. These drawings are referred to in the Gestapo interrogation report, but have not survived.

Five days of torture, 19—23 November, produced the Gestapo Protokoll interrogation report. The document was signed off by Kappler, Schmidt and Seibold for the "Kriminalkommissare". On the vital question that he was the sole instigator, Elser had this to say:. I also had the intention, and considered in detail, to write from Switzerland to the German police to explain that I was the sole culprit in the assassination, no accomplice or accomplices have I had. I would have also sent along an accurate drawing of my apparatus and a description of the execution of the deed, so that one could verify my claim.

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