Time Travelers Of The Bible: How Hebrew Prophets Shattered The Barriers Of TimeSpace

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In October , Farah resigned. Twenty-seven months later, the Union — which was at the time the oldest daily paper west of the Mississippi — closed its doors for good. But Farah kept on writing. The suit was later dismissed. According to research compiled by the Institute for First Amendment Studies, as of , Farah was a member of the Council for National Policy CNP , a highly secretive group that lobbies for hardline conservative positions. Rushdoony, father of Christian Reconstructionism. Farah has spoken at numerous political events.

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He gave the keynote address at a homeschooling conference run by a religious-right organization called the Alliance for Separation of School and State. He was scheduled to be a featured guest at a conference run by Vision Forum Ministries, an ultraconservative outfit whose director Doug Phillips is the son of Constitution Party co-founder Howard Phillips.

He held his own conservative conference instead. Michelle Bachmann R-Minn. Tom Tancredo R-Colo. Sproul Jr. Until June , he was a board member of the Chalcedon Foundation, a Christian Reconstructionist outfit and anti-gay hate group.

Clark, a board member since , was difficult to track down. According to his LinkedIn profile, he served as ABA liaison to the American Legislative Exchange Council ALEC , a controversial and highly secretive group of far-right state legislators and business lobbyists that writes and pushes model bills. Least noteworthy is Botkin, a Sacramento-area financial advisor and former Marine who has been on the board since and is an occasional contributor to conservative candidates. According to ConWebWatch, he worked with Farah in during a short-lived effort to revive the Sacramento Union as a magazine.

NOW is the time to get armed and trained. In , subscribers received an E-mail hawking a book titled How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization, which warned that terrorists might attack the U. Constitution, to test the principle of a voluntary union, to promote self-government and the rights of states. Bio-terrorism could at first be a greater threat against agriculture than against citizens, but with the end result of famine.

Smuggling, stealing, and black-market crime increase.

e-book Time Travelers Of The Bible: How Hebrew Prophets Shattered The Barriers Of TimeSpace

People are forced to sell their key assets jewelry, animals, land. Wives are evicted and children sold. People leave their land, homes, and communities. Death is the result of famine but breakdown of society is the by-product. Primary agents of bioweapons produce many diseases that are hard to diagnose; they rarely occur naturally and often appear like other diseases.

A dirty bomb uses conventional explosives to spread radioactive materials. Such a weapon is known as a "radiological dispersion device. For example, a dirty bomb in New York could result in a loss of trillions of dollars.

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The "dirty bomb" threat is real. Economic fallout and panic will cause chaos. Cleanup costs will be astronomical! The radiological materials have to be removed, as they cannot be washed or blown away. For those local people who do not die, long term effects will be disastrous. In weeks after an attack their immune systems will decline because radiation kills bone marrow.

On the long term there will be a higher risk of cancer. Plus, cases of leukemia will crop up within two years. Diseases, regardless of origin, are just one of the "signs" of the final days. What's worse … new data shows it's just getting started. Many hit remote areas or have small magnitude and go undetected. About 20, earthquakes are located each year - about 50 each day.

About 18 major earthquakes 7. The Oct. The March, earthquake in Japan killed about 16,, around 5, injured abd 3, missing. There is an earthquake coming that will be bigger and more destructive than the world has ever known.


One earthquake will level one-tenth of the city of Jerusalem, leaving 7, dead. Also, in the final days of Planet Earth, a great earthquake of a magnitude unprecedented in human history will split a great seaport city into three sections, and cities around the world will fall in heaps of rubble. The city which will be destroyed will be a future center of Muslim economy and Islamic ideology. Messiah Jesus is coming back soon!!

ADDENDUM: It's interesting to note that since I first reported on The Final Days of Planet Earth, many news articles have been reported upon in major media dealing with famines, disease, earthquakes, terrorism, dirty bombs, wars, and insect infestations. Almost with regularity, news reports have been issued about such things as: [] VeriChip Corporation has a Chip Mobile which will come to your area. You can now pre-register for your own personal VeriChip.

Many companies are already using the implant device for security and identification. Radio frequency energy passes through the skin energizing the dormant VeriChip, which is about the size of the point of a ball point pen. You may contact us by email at: PrinceHandley gmail. You can subscribe to all of Podcast Satellite podcasts and receive previous shows and all new ones automatically downloaded for you.

Note the spelling of Blubrry. The New World Government Also, the Greek word for "number" is "arithmos" and could mean "multitude. Because the one of the Arabic characters could be "X" showing two crossed swords instead of the Greek letters the 22nd, 14th, and an obsolete letter as a cross. Islamic warriors wear the armband of "allah" on their forehead and on their right arm when they go to war "in the name of allah.

Time Travelers Of The Bible How Hebrew Prophets Shattered The Barriers Of Timespace

Time: 12 minutes, 29 secondsSize: Identity and support system of New Babylon. Islam will likely be the catalyst which will bring about the New Global Governance. New Babylon will arise from a 10 region compact.

Israel and the USA will be key targets of attack. Islamic terrorism will be the active agent to frighten people into wanting a one world governing body.

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  • The Koran instructs Muslims to kill non-Muslims. In exchange for being allowed to build her Temple, Israel will sign a peace treaty with the coming world leader: the false-messiah the beast - or anti-christ. A review of the historic world powers and their treatment of Israel How to know when the Messiah is about to establish His Kingdom.

    A union of 10 will finally form.