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Ryan Matthew Cohn is best known for his educated opinions and consultation on the Science Channel show "Oddities". However, it is Ryan's ability to prepare, create, craft, and provide unparalleled attention to detail in this subject matter that makes him a true artisan. It's his stunning preparations, which have helped him in beginning to solidify a place in the fine art world. Aside from his artistic accolades, Ryan specializes in rare and unique antiques and artifacts predominantly relating to science, anatomy, and natural history.

Regina Marie Cohn. Regina's eye for the strange and unusual brings the Oddities Flea Market to life. Cart 0. Holiday gift guides can be such a bore.

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With that in mind, BlackBook decided to slide our wish list over to the magnificent realm of marginalia; and so contacted that renowned impresario of all things mystical and macabre, Ryan Matthew Cohn. To that ultimate end, we asked him to dip into his cabinet of curiosities, and check his calendar of eerily enigmatic experiences — resulting in a holiday gift guide shot full, as we had hoped, of bewitching bewilderment.

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