The Furniture Wars

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The large furniture stores are vying for customers with substantial discounts and inexpensive food in their restaurants.

Star Wars furniture sends your living room to a galaxy far, far away

Long-established family firms are stuggling, too. The company is now looking for help from XXXLutz, which plans to set up its own buyers association.

German furniture stores often group together to form associations to receive better buying terms. Until now, XXXLutz was the largest member of Begros, a mid-sized furniture retailer group that negotiated on behalf of its members. Seifert's challenge carries weight: In recent years, no one in the sector has made acquisitions as aggressively as Lutz. Giga-X is likely to ignore the regional divisions made by other coopeartives.

Buyers associations have traditionally sought to stop members competing with each other in the same geographical areas. Christoph Kapalschinski covers consumer goods, textiles and food for Handelsblatt.

the furniture wars

Representing the Rebellion are the Chewie Rocking Stool, which is of course an homage to the beloved Wookiee Chewbacca, right down to his signature bandolier. And last but not least is the lamp of Jedi warriors, all of them using their illuminated LED lightsabers to fight off a lone Sith lord in red. You have to like their chances-just as it is for this new furniture line, the Force is quite strong with them. Mark: Jimmy drives a brand new Sherman tank, right off the assembly line.

Is this the luxury Star Wars furniture you're looking for?

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Jeffrey Bauman. Elle Decor June 18, View photos. Photo credit: Courtesy of Kenneth Cobonpue.

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