The Fire and the Staff

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Saying that there should be at least 3cm of wick wrapped on the stick.

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This is where the money is. You could buy a stick with two wraps of wick and the burn time would be very short. As it is not able to hold much fuel. Below you can see a good example from threeworlds :.

“The Fire and the Staff” and the Historic Liturgy

Grips come in a lot of different varieties. It is a personal think what feels best. From our experience and experiments we have found that sports grip, like that found on tennis rackets etc to be a great grip for fire sticks.

Dancing with the Fire Staff Trailer (long version)

They are cheap and easy to replace, soft to catch and hold, and provide excellent traction. Other things used.

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The quality is made up of both the components used and the way the are put together. There is more to a firestick than the parts mentioned.

All good firestick will have some for of material in the ends to stop the heat from travelling down the tube, and also to add extra weight to the ends for smoother spinning. The really good one like ours have heat protection methods on the very end to stop the weight from burning. Not too loose not too tight.

D&D 5th Edition

You should then ensure everyone safely exits the building and gathers at the appropriate assembly point. Being a fire warden also entails having a basic understanding of the types of fires there are:. The Disability Equality Duty highlights that disabled people should not be discriminated against under any circumstance.

Therefore, they should still be given an evacuation plan despite any differences in mobility. As such, the fire warden should be aware of those who may need extra assistance when evacuating and allow extra time for this so they are not exposed to any discrimination. These steps outline some simple stages to training your staff in fire safety; however official training is required in order to guarantee a legitimate qualified fire warden will be on hand in the case of an emergency.

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