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Do you think the flour mix would make a difference? I really want this one to work! Hi Ruth! I really like the one from Tropical Traditions. Hope that helps. Hi Kate! This crust is outstanding! I substituted amaranth flour for the sweet rice flour portion, and it has a great taste. This crust is awesome!! Thank you!! I have struggled with gluten free crusts! Thanks again!!

Hi Tammy, You do not have to pre or par bake this crust unless your recipe calls for that.

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One thing I noted was that it was overly sticky and so it held together poorly. Most likely I just needed to keep it cooler while I made the filling.

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Overall excellent recipe. This looks delicious! I have had trouble with gluten free pie crust in the past, so I excited to try this! I am curious, since I am not sure yet which GF flour all purpose I will be using — I notice you have no xanthan gum in your crust recipe — would adding a half teaspoon for two cups flour just to be safe be appropriate? BTW, your own GF all purpose recipe sounds perfect — will have to whip up a batch one of these days.

I actually use King Arthur brand, but I recently bought another brand to try out as well and I am almost out of King Arthur — next up will be me making your GF flour blend! If you decide to try, let me know how it goes. Also, what size quart mixing bowl are you using to mix your flours together when making your GF all purpose flour — 8 qt.? You should put that link up to Amazon as you did with your glass jar to hold the flour — would be helpful.

When making the pie crust, can you use a mixer to blend the ingredients together? I noticed you used a pastry blender. I wondered if it would make a difference. Also, thank you so much for the flour blend recipe. I use it all the time!!! If you over mix, just be sure to chill the crust before baking for best results. You may have answered this already but how long should you chill it for before baking?

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Also, should it be chilled in the refrigerator or in the freezer? How great your dish is! Can i combine butter with coconut oil when using these ingredients as replacements for palm shortening which you suggest? Thanks Lita! Those substitutions should work… just be sure the crust is chilled before baking for best results. I would like to make it next week for my fathers birthday and hes gluten free. Could you please respond asap. Thank you. I bought Robin Hood GF flour, it does not contain xantham gum, would this recipe need it you think? Hi Ashley! Definitely 5 stars!!! I think I liked it better than a gluten crust…Used it for a quiche, worked perfectly.

No tummy hurt, no bloat, no heartburn!! Thank you thank you!!!! Thanks so much for the sweet comment Jeanne!

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  5. Made this crust several times now for chicken pot pie. Has come out pretty good each time! I use butter flavored Crisco, Walmart brand GF Flour and no sugar, just in case that helps anyone else. Had a total lightbulb moment and just looked at the nutritional label and added it up. Oh golly. My family loved the crust! I made a different pie with regular store bought crust and this gf crust was really delicious! For a savoury crust like with pot pie use brown sugar in place of the white granulated.

    If you like, add about 1 tsp or so of well-chopped Rosemary. Especially if using coconut oil, chill before measuring and chill the pie while waiting for the oven to heat.

    Best Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipe - Light, Flakey & Delicious

    This will help your crust be flakier. This recipe saved the day. After two tries using my usual pie crust recipe with gluten free flour and failing miserably, I tried yours. It was absolutely dreamy—it rolled out softly and elegantly and made a lovely fluted edge. Thanks so very much!!! You can also prepare your crusts in advance as well. The best GF pie crust! Again, thank you! Made this pie crust over Christmas.

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    My question is why would I ever make any other crust? This was absolutely amazing. I have been going crazy trying to make a decent gluten free crust and this helped me so much! I added a little vanilla and used two egg whites instead of one whole egg. Turned out fabulous for the mini apple tarts I made.

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    Flakey, everyone loves this! Was glorious!

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    Best non gluten crust ever! Do wish you would refrain from the recommendation of palm oil though. Son and I are both gluten intolerant and both love a nice pie. We found this was a really nice pastry. Have been looking for a good gf pastry which will hold together in smallish pie moulds- wilI try doing the smaller versions next time. I also used coconut oil. Hi Erika I have made this pie crust about 5 times now, sweet and savoury and it is just terrific.

    I recently went to France with the family and the croissants looked soooo good and my family enjoyed them in front of me. Have you ever tried to make croissants? I was wondering If I can let it chill overnight in the fridge.

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    Will it turn out the same? Also can I use this crust for lemon meringue pie. In this recipe would you use their Measure for Measure which includes xanthum gum or just their regular GF flour? Hoping to try this tomorrow in preparation for Thanksgiving. Nice Job! I used this on two pies — pre baked for chocolate mousse pie and double crust for apple pie.

    I partially baked the bottom crust for the apple. Both were excellent. Your recipe turned out great!

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    Wait, is that gluten free!? Now you can eat pie again… LOL!