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Best pictures Monday tree at sunset Hauswurz Sempervivum just after sunset. Best pictures Tuesday burnt tree Voralpsee nettle. I want to eat that dessert! I never knew what edelweiss looked like so that photo is especially interesting to me. That must have been an amazing hike you did with Suki!

Thanks Madeline, but you are too late for the dessert: This edelweiss is a cultured version I found on a grave. That was after the 2nd chemotherapy. On the way back from Heiligkreuz to the hotel, I had to run ahead and get our car. Suki was just sitting on a bench totally exhausted.

That hike was just too long for her. We stayed ten days in South Tyrol. It looks beautiful in South Tyrol, though. At least she was able to do the trip with you then. It was also a help in her therapy - she learned to go slower and to do only one thing after the other: Best pictures Wednesday lamp fern full moon. They filled the box with their eliminated old books or unwanted gifts. Best pictures Thursday the Thur waterfalls a plant the Thur.

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This is the shorter version of the ICC 2-volume-set, without any Greek. A very useful commentary on this well known epistle. I read most of it during college but now I used it for the senior Bible lesson I will give next week. Pictures 1 and 3 are striking! My English is not good enough for that punning. But one can't guess what the outcome will be. Thanks, Lori, for coming over and enjoying the tour. It ended today but there will be more possibilities to go on another tour. Your are welcome, Anita. I enjoyed taking these pictures and posting them here. Best pictures Friday a candle in the church nice lips on an old church door red plant pot on the Red Place in St.

Hot red plant pot! There is a totally Red Square in St. Gallen with a red fountain and that happens to your car if you park to long: OMG what is that stuff - is it soft to walk on or just paint? Regarding the pun that I made unintended, of course. Striking can mean beautiful. It can also mean hitting as water hitting the rocks.

I meant that those pictures were beautiful. Hej Susan - the stuff is a rubber granules mixture with polyurethane and red paint. Almost like a running track for sports. It was created by Pipilotti Rist artist and Carlos Martinez architect and mostly paid by the Raiffeisenbank of Switzerland.

Madeline, I think that was quite a good pun. I prefer 'striking' to 'beautiful', if I may. No, that's the main door of an old church 'Offene Kirche' Open Church , which is now a kind of public 'meeting encounter room'.

Schätze, welches Girl die Community geiler findet!

I am too short, otherwise I'ld have taken a picture of the eyes. I just realised that the Synagogue in St. Gallen is also within the Red Square: I visited the cemetery today and made some pix sleepy angel a hole in a grave stone kissing angels watering cans Suki's grave.

I've not been on LT much lately, so I've just been catching up on your thread. Thanks for sharing all those great photos, and your memories of the trip to South Tirol! It was a pleasure to make the photographs, as well as sharing them here. Enjoyed your photo's, Paul. I would love to see the red square myself someday, it is intriguing! I found it an intriguing place, too, but my daughter this morning pointed out, that the red stuff doesn't look or feel inviting to spend time there. I guess, she is right. I was there because I wanted to make pictures and not to sit there.

Thanks, Barbara, I learnt a lot, and I guess, I am improving. Sometimes I don't feel gifted, I rather feel 'vergiftet' making twenty or more pictures of the same object and then deleting them all again - but still I go out to do it again. I was at my sister's today. They made over pix, I am glad they only showed around - but still, though interesting after some time I got tired.

Then I showed them my best pix from my photographers' week only 40 pix. Paul, I much prefer to see a few well-taken photos than hundreds of photos from someone else's vacation if they all start to look alike after a while. A friend of mine took a trip to Italy and showed me probably hundreds of pictures of churches and inside of churches. I didn't say anything, but sat there while she went from photo to photo.

I really enjoyed your pictures of Israel, Each was different, they weren't all posted at the same time, and each had an interesting story to go with it. Keep doing your photography. I really like the phots you're taking. My sister and her partner were doing their best to make it interesting.

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They showed some really good pix but very often they showed pix of the hotels they stayed in, or dozens of photos of bisons I made hundreds of photos in Israel I just found this pamphlet: Denkschrift der Gesandtschaft der Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika, gerichtet an den schweizerischen Bundesrath, betreffend die Zulassung der nordamerikanischen Israeliten zur Niederlassung in der Schweiz: Mai by Theodore S.

The American 'President-in-Residence' was asking the Swiss government to let American Jews settle in all Swiss cantons, because then there were certain restrictions in some of the cantons, for example they had no right settle or establish a business in Basel. Then that was changed in when the Bundesrat decided to give Jews equal rights as the other Swiss citizens. Marie and another woman travel to Palestine in in order to visit the missionaries they support from Germany. Partly they hired a chauffeur with a car who drove them around.

Interesting report of travelling Palestine. Fay wrote an memorandum to the Swiss government about the different anti Jewish laws of some cantons and some discriminating of foreign Jews in certain parts. He argues basically on the basis of economic advantages for the Swiss when they allow Jewish American to live and work in all Swiss cantons. Several times he mentions that the American constitution guarantees equal rights to all American inhabitants.

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But when asked about slavery he evades the debate and just says that the slaves are not Swiss therefore they are of no concern whatsoever for Switzerland. He does not argue on the basis of humanity. On the basis of slavery and the Indian Removal Act he has no way to explain why the few Jews who would come to Switzerland should have more rights than the slaves and Indians in their own country. I guess, that's why he only argues on the basis of economic issues, fully aware that the USA do not give equal rights to all of their inhabitants.

Well, that used to be the case until 45 got into office. Why is the world so cruel? In the US, we have always tried to create "a more perfect union". Why is this no longer happening here in the US, and why is it threatened now in Europe? I see that humanity cannot learn from history.

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When Lewis became a Christian, he had to rethink certain issues, one specific issue was prayer and the essential participants on that undertaking: Very thoughtful, philosophical explanations of his thinking. An excerpt published of his Letters to Malcolm: Hi Paul - love the Red Square - the kids look like they are having a wonderful time playing in the street.

The grave with the sun shining through seems symbolic to me. Fascinating insight into ideas at the time, but as you say, sad. Wishing you a good weekend. Thanks, Charlotte for the good wishes.