Royaumine: ou lherbe je-veux   (French Edition)

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The collection comes as a family with 6 different shapes and typologies. The white enameling work on the rough stone gives it a unique and originalfinish to reflect the light.

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Available in 2 versions, 3 tubes or 6 tubes, it is positioned from the center of a room to your place of life. Modular, simple and elegant it will find its place in all configurations to bring light where it is needed. This luminaire reproduces the moving horizons of a sunny day. True light therapy that really improves the quality of life in a closed environment.


An experience of relaxation, anxiety and well-being all day long for patients and caregivers. Illuminated with LED low luminance technology. A style very affirmed, fresh and contemporary integrates with wonder the Mozaik system designed by Davide Oppizzi for Designheure. Dcube illuminates the new high-end gourmet delicatessen of Grand Hotel Kempinski in Geneva. Created by the architectural studio of Van Grit, this store brings together the biggest fine flavors of Italy but not only.


For the first time, furniture and lighting unite as one. The Pistyle desktop screen offers a complete atmosphere in every office by adding an organic hue in your work. The wall lamp Pistyle can be installed in two positions: - One in direct lighting, the LED rod facing the wall, serving as reflective screen - Another in indirect lighting facing the lightweight felt for a soft light. Table lamp available in 3 shapes. From the sculptural point of view, it was to symbolize the iconic shape of the perfume bottle to extract an essence and delicacy, playing on full volume and hairlines on which reflect light.

The shapes, materials and colors, allow in the same space to keep a homogeneous but varied spirit and a strong personality. To discover from 21th to 22th of september, To feel good at home or in the office is, above all, to achieve balance and equilibrium in everyday activities. Connected to the lighting industry since the appearance of powerful LEDs in , we have developed unique and extensive knowledge for your specific projects.

Our network of engineers and partners who produce electronic components all over the world is there to help you attain those dreams that are often thought to be unavailable in small quantities Ceiling light with 3 removable magnetic heads, can be moved according to the layout of the objects to be illuminated.

A transformer is included in the base along with an automatic cable winder.. Powered by Gallerie C.

ZAZ - je veux - ( French version ) - Lyrics in french and English

System for the storage of office documents ELCO. This system allows numerous files to be stacked while leaving the file's title visible. DCUBE has created for Lysoft Software company based in Geneva a workspace inspired by organic colors, notably the green colors of the year selected by Pantone. The grey wood walls delimitate the space while the falling plants create a relaxing outdoor atmosphere for an optimal confort of the employees of the company. Lighting is essential after nightfall for the perception of outdoor spaces and must meet our needs for security after dark.

The first primary requirement is of course for orientation light, which allows the functional external volumes to be seen stairs, paths, underpasses etc. Made of oiled rough oak, these modules are manufactured from the trees intended to be eliminated or exported as judged too "impure". They work as well in a local production made in Jura, with species chosen with love by Rolf Amstutz in the surrounding forests. Available soon in several sizes. Mortise assembly, solid rough oiled wood.

Its aesthetic feature is to expose the sapwood trunk under the bark on the front face. Authentic but not rustic!! Lighting project for the Rolex Shop in Casablanca, Morocco. Light with a modular LED head providing a direct-indirect effect. To discover from 12th to 13th of september, NODZ is the next generation social network. Developed by independent minded people for independent minded people. All our models and projects are reproduced with the help of the latest 3D technology, calculated on our powerful servers. Davide Oppizzi presents the premiere of new collections, produced by Designheure at Salone del Mobile de Milan, from 4th to 9th april Exterior illumination concept for a future Energy Tower powered by HGLASS solar panels producing energy from a chlorophyll liquid caught between two glasses.

An artis t is not payed for his labor but for his vision. On the theme of the Tarot of Marseilles, more than 22 artists were invited to show their individual works. This represents the Fool, the card 0 in Tarot. A solar canopy and sun screen that generates electricity and is linked to the building's electrical circuit.

Human Centric Lighting HCL expresses the positive effect of light and illumination on health, the well-being and motivation of people and has both short- and long-term benefits Light and shadow reveal not only the expression of the golden bust of Marcus Aurelius at the Roman Museum in Avenches, but also highlight all the essential details of this unique work of art. Thus, the approach to museographical illumination requires an in-depth knowledge of the subject presented by the curators and art historians To rediscover in Paris, from 26 to 27 September It provides its clients with complete lighting studies for all the projects destined to bring their products to prominence.

DCUBE demonstrates unique mastery of all the essential parameters for a lighting project: concept, aesthetics, technology, installation and sales. At DCUBE, the consideration of how a space should be lit is primarily an emotional vision, anterior to the technicalities. The expertise in light engineering that accompanies this creative vision makes DCUBE a novel company with the capacity to fulfill all the requirements of a demanding international clientele.

This is an indirect lighting creation. Available in four finishes: polished copper, natural wood, Carrera marble and lacquered white.

Created for Graff USA, Ametis collection has been awarded with more than 10 international awards since its release, a recognition of size for this collection with unique futuristic lines. Droit civil. Les obligations Tome 3. Fearless Frying Cookbook by John M. Free Bonne nuit Louise! Free Correspondance Philosophique Et Religieuse: Free Dragon ball Double Vol.

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PDF Danse jazz pour tous Download. PDF Du meuble de style au mobilier domestique populaire du massif central ePub. PDF Etre l'acteur de sa retraite ePub. Hayden Download. Buy Used Condition: Near Fine couverture souple, format moyen Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Royaumine Oppizzi Rosita. Used Couverture souple Quantity Available: 1. Seller Rating:. Seller Image. Royaumine ou l'herbe je-veux Collectif. Used Paperback Quantity Available: 1. Used Quantity Available: 1. Used Paperback Signed Quantity Available: 1.