Nursing and Social Change

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Everyone will benefit when we do. Social change movements have shaped the United States.

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Hassmiller and Reinhard hope to add the Campaign for Action to transform nursing to that list by applying lessons from the past to today. Like other social change movements, the Campaign is bringing sustained, collective action to efforts to advance specific reforms and change cultural norms. They were far ahead of their time, advancing a Culture of Health.

Many people see gender-driven attitudes in the ways the predominantly female nursing profession has been treated in health care and the media. Examples include lower pay for advanced practice registered nurses than for physicians performing the same exact services, and paternalistic collaborations that require physicians to oversee work that nurses are trained to do, while the physicians receive significant monetary reimbursement for doing so. From public policy to industry to the military, we nurses have to take our place at the table and be ready to contribute when we get there.

Back to Blog. The concept of social entrepreneurship may lend support to clinical nurses leading sustainable change initiatives. The term social entrepreneurship was coined by business leader Bill Drayton in the s. He described it as using a pragmatic and results-oriented method to bring about social change in the business world.

They aim to produce some type of sustainable social value within the context of the environment, recognize and use opportunities to achieve this goal, utilize innovative techniques, accept risks, and often work with scarce resources. The social entrepreneur can be described as a leader and change agent who recognizes what isn't working and pursues practical, innovative, and sustainable approaches to generate solutions, leading to transformation to serve a mission. Healthcare social entrepreneurs seek creative solutions to problems, utilize insights to identify and mitigate these problems, and tackle challenges in the context of scarce resources.

What is Social Change and Why Should We Care?

There are many notable nursing social entrepreneurs recognized for their expertise and promotion of social justice throughout the world, as well as their significant impact on outcomes in their own work environments. Florence Nightingale, who's credited with founding the nursing profession, established the first nursing school in an effort to improve patient care and hospital conditions.

Florence Wald is noted for founding the first American hospice unit. Each of these nurses saw a need, worked to design and implement a solution, and created a significant social good. The program helps participants guide their peers in creating unit-based change that's easily scaled across the entire hospital. One method to realize this is educating participants about the concept of social entrepreneurship.

Social changes that have had far-reaching, sustainable impact are shared, followed by a discussion about why and how these changes created a ground swell and stage for sustainability. The CSI Academy teams discuss how this relates to growing momentum for their projects' success and the best way to build engagement and ownership.

How nurses bring clarity to the nature of social change

Participants utilize the concept of social entrepreneurship to look at how best to target the strength of their units, nurses, other team members, and their organization for project buy-in and engagement. Is the message or the messenger most important? For a message or story to stick, it must remain active in the recipient's mind. A strategy to accomplish this is creating a logo and slogan for the change project.

Nursing in America: History of Social Reform

Logos are visual symbols that effectively communicate information in a way that enhances attitude formation and memory retrieval. Logos and slogans are powerful marketing tools that help promote the project's mission to the members of the healthcare team, patients, and their families. Project logos and slogans are highlighted on various communication tools, such as posters, and staff giveaways, such as T-shirts, pens, and penlights, to encourage engagement. These foster a fun atmosphere and encourage others to get onboard with the project.

They also serve to keep the change project in the forefront. See Table 1. Utilizing these six ingredients will likely result in the spread of an idea or its becoming contagious. Clinical nurses know their environment best and what will get the most buy-in or social currency. Logos and slogans are placed on communication tools and giveaways that trigger or remind others about the project. Teams identify an emotional story to share to ensure that their message resonates and fosters buy-in of the change project. Placing the logos and slogans throughout the unit keeps the project public or visible.

Creating practical value or ease of knowledge transfer and sharing stories of project success in various venues ensure the project is contagious. Lastly, teams discuss and receive honest feedback from other cohort teams to refine the messaging that resonates and has the potential to be contagious. The First Hill ICU team fashioned a logo and slogan, and connected with staff, patients, and families to foster awareness of the project. Even nonfootball fans are familiar with the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle, Wash. See the team's logo and slogan on the Nursing Management iPad app.

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Team members and project champions wore the T-shirts to keep the project in the forefront and generate discussion about it. Effective project branding, along with other initiatives, resulted in successful outcomes with a positive patient impact. See Table 2.

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Currently, the team is exploring scalability to other units in the hospital. Creating an innovative, fun working environment to stimulate positive, sustainable changes with clinical nurse-led initiatives requires nurse manager and hospital leader support. Change in healthcare is constant; however, resistance to change looms large. Threats to successful and long-term change include fatigue, lack of support, lack of leadership buy-in, and a victory being declared too early. Our current healthcare system is transforming and providing many opportunities for nurses to become social entrepreneurs who create positive outcomes by driving change and utilizing innovation.

Clinical nurses are acutely aware of the obstacles that impede the achievement of optimal patient outcomes and often have solutions to many of the problems that affect healthcare today. However, they often lack the leadership, advocacy, and financial skills to drive effective solutions. Nurse leaders can support nursing social entrepreneurs by leading from behind, listening, supporting, and encouraging innovation.

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