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He never did write the final 6. My, did I blush when i worked that one out. The staff in the bookshop fell about laughing, and then rose to the challenge and found the book! Wow, this boggles my mind, I had no idea people said things quite that bad. Really enjoyed this post and the comments, made me laugh. Well done! I love this book, and I loved this post! Reblogged this on N R Nolan and commented: Too funny not to share; not to mention, well written, also. Brilliant, Kirsty — review, the books, and your life experience.

In fact, all the situations Postman Pat, Jess the Cat and all their friends got into were designed to debunk predictions and horoscopes — honest! But, as a volunteer in Oxfam Bookshop I recognised many of the anecdotes recounted by Jen and Kirsty.

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And people want to know if our books are in any kind of order…. And they were able to look up their computer and say they had three. But they were all in three completely different sections across the shop. So off I trog. I found one out of the three books. Back to the counter — the staff were lovely and tried to find them for me — I waited a long time at the counter. And they eventually came back having found another one — but not the other.

I had gone especially to buy books from a bookshop.

More Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops Extracts by Jen Campbell

I think the bricks and mortar bookshops need to up their game. Perhaps link to their own online purchases whilst in store. And bring back sections with specialist heads who can advise and steer people like good librarians towards books they might like to try. My experience before this last one — of going in to a major bookstore to buy screenplays and finding an extremely limited number of things that were over 20 years old — really made me think — again — that the bookshops need to allow people to take some ownership of their sections to make the physical shop the exciting and knowledgable place it could be — where you go to ask for suggestions and advice.

And I know it must be hard for booksellers at the moment.

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Actually, those are great ideas, Rosy. I also think that local book shops ought to emphasize their magazine selections, which are wider than what is found at grocery stores, which is where many Americans buy their magazines. But book shops have a lot more specialized selections and they really ought to highlight that. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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