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On the other, university and school courses need to be reorganized in light of the new training needs. The role of Italian universities could to be stronger if they met foreign standards, to promote the circulation of students towards and not just away from Italy. As far as regards the type of training to be undertaken, the humanistic.


Emilio Pasquini, ed. Per i anni della Commissione per i testi di lingua. ISBN: Ranunculus lingua. Vast areas of North America and Northern Europe were covered by ice during the last ice age and most present day lakes and streams were formed as the icecap melted some , years ago. New lakes and streams are constantly formed by natural processes, but also by human activities. The present article portraits the amphibious Ranunculus lingua from a gravel pit that was abandoned in when the construction of the nearby freeway was completed Full Text Available Questo articolo si compone di tre parti principali: nella prima parte vengono riportati in modo sintetico i risultati empirici di studi che sostengono la teoria del linguaggio incarnato, termine con il quale viene tradotto in lingua italiana il termine inglese embodied.

Il volgare e il principe. Politica culturale e questione della lingua alla corte di Cosimo. Full Text Available Il principato di Cosimo I rappresenta un periodo di snodo fondamentale per la questione della lingua italiana. This creates an abyss between the competence of the foreign learner and his or her classmates and unsuccessful school performance which is often not made up for and leads to a loss of self-esteem, frustration, isolation, and ultimately to psycho-social malaise.

Among the tools utilized in the Italian school system to address this problem are highly comprehensible textbooks which, while containing most of the information, express the content in simpler language. This article offers an up-dated bibliography of textbooks which are easily understandable, divided according to order and grade of school, for teachers to use in choosing the textbooks for their classes.

Full Text Available L'articolo presenta e riesamina criticamente i risultati centrali di una ricerca di etnografia aziendale sulla comunicazione sul posto di lavoro condotta in Germania fra il e il allo scopo di individuare i requisiti linguistico-comunicativi richiesti da mansioni non necessariamente specializzate.

Language is work and work is language This article presents and critically reviews the main results of a study on corporate ethnography on communication in the workplace carried out in Germany between and in order to identify the linguistic and communicative requirements for not necessarily specialized tasks. The underlying aim of the study was to provide an empirical basis for the development of learning and teaching of the two languages in this case German to adult immigrants for sustainable inclusion in the workplace and in society. Communication is an integral part of work for employees at all levels, in all areas.

Linguistic and communicative competence is a basic professional skill, necessary to manufacture products and offer services in the social networks being examined colleagues, superiors, clients, etc.. Work offers opportunities that. Ricadute metalinguistiche dell'insegnamento dell'esperanto sulla lingua materna dell'alunno: Un'esperienza nella scuola media italiana Metalinguistic Benefits of Planned Language Instruction: The Case of Esperanto in an Italian Secondary School.

Two groups of secondary school students participated in an experiment on the effect of Esperanto instruction on their metalinguistic abilities. The group that studied Esperanto for a full school year achieved better results on independently developed tests of metalinguistic ability in comparison with the control group. Results suggest the teaching…. Bisogni linguistici dei discenti di italiano alla scuola di lingua e cultura italiana per stranieri di Siena Linguistic Needs of Students of Italian at the School of Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners of Siena.

Presents the results of a questionnaire administered to students of Italian at the School for Foreigners of Siena to determine the following: 1 student characteristics; 2 student motivations for studying Italian; 3 student interests; 4 student linguistic needs; and 5 student evaluation of the program. Dall'altra, hanno il compito di coordinare maggiormente la formazione universitaria in relazione Ireland has recently attracted more and more immigration. Even if there are not many Italian immigrants living in Ireland, the study of Italian as a foreign language is quite wide-spread, although not quite as popular as French, German and Spanish.

This paper is a quantitative analysis of the study of Italian as a foreign language in Irish schools and universities. The survey was carried out using data from institutional sources, internet sites, printed materials as well as the author's personal experience teaching Italian in Ireland.

The results illustrate the number of students studying Italian as a foreign language in high schools and the courses offered in the main Irish universities, in particular at the National University of Ireland in Galway, which offers numerous courses on Italian language and culture.

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Tutto questo attraverso la scrittura in lingua italiana e tramite la fotografia. It is aimed at developing relationships, exchanges, dialogues, promoting mutual knowledge and creating dialogue between different cultures, identities and experiences through writing in Italian and photography. Language gives substance to ideas, desires, inner worlds, becoming thought, and is thus an indispensable tool to exist and have a voice.

Akkadian as Lingua Franca. In the later second millennium BC, the Akkadian language functions as lingua franca, the language of international communication and diplomacy, over a vast area, ranging from Egypt to Anatolia and from Cyprus to Iran.

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This dissertation investigates the form, function, and use of Akkadian dialects This survey includes a cursory literature search on BELF and a thorough literature study of 12 Chinese major academic journals. From the data collected…. Parole chiave: Lingua italiana ; linguistica applicata; insegnamento ed apprendimento delle lingue straniere; letteratura. Keywords: Italian; applied linguistics; foreign language teanching and learning; literature.

Language and theater: italian, a drama? This article aims at showing through examples and didactic activities, how the theater can develop learning Italian as a foreign language together with the intercultural awareness of foreign learners and create contexts for inclusion and learning. Doing theater in a didactic setting and to encourage the inclusion of foreign students is an original and effective method to employ in the school setting.

Thanks to this experience the foreigner can. In particular.

Mind your languages: Lingua Receptiva in Estonian-Russian communication. This study was inspired by the idea that there is more diversity in the ways languages come into contact to create efficient and fair communication. The alternative mode explored in this study is called lingua receptiva or, LaRa : here interlocutors speak their own language and have enough. English is unquestionably the world language of academia--yet its most notable characteristic, being predominantly used by non-native speakers, has not seriously been taken on board in ESP descriptive studies.

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The project English as an academic lingua franca ELFA based at the University of Helsinki investigates academic discourses, branching out…. Epistemic stance marking in the use of English as a lingua franca. A comparative study of the pragmatic functions of epistemic stance marking in problem-solving sequences at student project group meetings, with special emphasis on meetings where English is used as a lingua franca La chiesa antica nella storiografia italiana recente.

Il contributo prende in esame problemi, tendenze e prospettive nella recente storiografia italiana , con particolare attenzione ai nodi interpretativi che le attuali indagini appaiono privilegiare sul tema della Chiesa nei primi secoli. ABSTRACT: The recent Italian studies in the history of ancient Church show many novelties and new approaches, related to the new interests and methodologies of the various sciences involved in the religious history of Antiquity.

The paper deals with the problems and the trends in the recent Italian historiography, with special attention to the main subjects of the research about the Church in the first Christian centuries. Il caso della letteratura ucronica italiana.

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Ucronia e propaganda nella narrativa italiana. Full Text Available Oggetto dello studio sono le narrazioni ucroniche italiane del secondo dopoguerra, in comparazione con le principali opere anglosassoni del genere e in relazione con i movimenti di estrema destra. La problematica viene inquadrata con un approccio storico e le opere sono confrontate con i modelli stranieri in un'ottica comparativa.

The use of English as a lingua franca in translation. Full Text Available In translation, not only two languages but two cultures come into contact which means that translators must consider who wrote the text, when, why, for whom and who is now reading it and for what purpose. In the wake of rapid technological advances and the need to spread information quickly and efficiently, translation has grown in importance in the globalized world.

So has its reliance on English in its role as a global lingua franca. This is the linguistic hybridity used in constructing a wider view of the world. However, the prime aim of any lingua franca communication is mutual intelligibility. In this study , the translation of linguistic units can only be understood when considered together with the cultural contexts in which they arise, and in which they are used. Chinese English in as lingua franca in global business setting: A case study of ongoing emails of a foreign company in China. Full Text Available With the process of globalization, English has been increasingly become the lingua franca for people speaking different languages to communicate with each other, among whom the number of non-native speakers of English far outnumbers those native speakers in traditional sense.

Against this background, the principle of taking the rules of native English speakers as the norms is undergoing challenges. The non-native speakers are claiming the ownership and rights of norm-providing to the English language Crystal, In business setting, this is especially true Charles, This paper intends to explore the use of Chinese English as lingua franca in business setting. Taking a foreign enterprise based in China as the case, this paper investigates over ongoing business e-mails written in English by its Chinese employees, including the management and other staff.

Four most salient patterns of Chinese English structures are identified, i. Based on the afore-said analysis, this paper concludes that Chinese English, during the process of language contact, has become a legitimate English variation, and has been providing new norms for the other countries to follow. It is suggested that business English users in China need to use their Chinese English with a confident stance, while business partners from other countries need to get familiar with this English variation in order for them to communicate effectively with their Chinese partners.

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The objective is to highlight some of the most typical features in relation to one of the most representative professionals in oral tourist communication, between expert and public: tourist guides. The first part of the article is devoted to the definition of the language of tourism and, in particular, to the characteristics of the.

La letteratura italiana tradotta in Argentina. Il presente lavoro tratta in maniera sistematica, ma provvisoria, il panorama della letteratura italiana tradotta in Argentina. La Storia della letteratura italiana come romanzo. Describes a project to make a corpus of English spoken as a lingua franca in university settings in Finland. This corpus is one of the first to address the need for corpora that show the target for English-as-a-Foreign-Language learners whose goal is not to speak with native speakers but to interact in communities where English is a lingua franca.

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Older patients are prone to multimorbidity and polypharmacy, with an inherent risk of adverse events and drug interactions. To the best of our knowledge, available information on the appropriateness of lipid-lowering treatment is extremely limited. The aim of the present study was to quantify and characterize lipid-lowering drug use in a population of complex in-hospital older patients. Lipid-lowering drug use was closely correlated with the clinical profiles, including multimorbidity markers and polypharmacy. The patients treated with lipid-lowering drugs amounted to subjects Atorvastatin At logistic regression analysis, the presence of coronary heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, and hypertension were significantly correlated with lipid-lowering drug use, whereas age showed an inverse correlation.

Diabetes was not associated with drug treatment. In this in-hospital cohort, the use of lipid-lowering agents was mainly driven by patients' clinical history, most notably the presence of clinically overt manifestations of atherosclerosis. Increasing age seems to be associated with lower prescription rates.