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Or it could be a cheetah. We don't know. Changed spelling of analyses; to analysis. I am not exactly sure which perspective is used on the country of origin being England. When even the history at the bottom mentions it originated in Egypt as the Persian Greyhound. England is obviously incorrect, just using logic and the theory of evolution. I must protest why do greyhounds have a 3rd eyelid to keep the sand out, if in fact they were from England.

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  5. About Greyhounds.

The animal is from Africa. This "breed" is a pedigree thoroughbred "English" breed, originating from private and public studbooks of the th Centuries in Britain.

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  • During the early Middle ages and later, hunting manuals Phebus, etc. Please note that all dogs have a third eyelid to protect their cornea. Literature Arrian: circa suggests that the earliest antecedant of the greyhound, the vertragus , as an imported European dog, originated with the Celts from Eurasia, location, possibly related to the origin of horse riding?

    I have removed the section under the heading Welfare, there is already a section covering the health of the greyhound.

    Dáil debates

    The section inserted here on Welfare was clearly done so by someone on a political agenda against greyhound racing and coursing. This type of unreferenced, unprovable political statement has no place in this article. There are reputedly examples of this expensive and very large book, likely now all sold, very few of which will be in any library.

    So please leave the informative source link intact, thank you. It's not promotional as explained above, it's neither spam nor commercial. It provides relevant information on the breed as well as on an absolutely unique book on the breed. The simultaneous removal of the Waterloo video short appears to be symptomatic of editorial heavy-handedness not to speak of short-sightedness. Removal of both links - 'YouTube video might be ok'? I really am surprised! Please take the time to explain why, of all things, that 7 minute video "The last Waterloo Cup" is inappropriate to this page.

    No, you censored a video link with no explanation whatsoever, the burden is yours. Exit editorial integrity. Thank you for taking the time to explain. The last four reasons given are simply wrong: quality is ok, subject matter is totally appropriate, informative, certainly not 'undue'! Let's agree to differ - strength to you, you have an awful lot of work to do. Please leave this reference standing. It is the ultimate source.

    Yes, I have the book. I'm in the process of re-reading it. I hope that at the very least it will be acquired by some major libraries it's expensive and that other readers will find it in time and value it as an outstanding work of history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    Greyhounds a complete pet owner s manual

    This article is supported by Dog breeds and species task force. A great deal of promotional work falls to be done. When the Bill is enacted, the opportunity will arise for the new board and CEO to travel with a roadshow to advertise the attractions of a well-run industry. The Bill is a good start and it has been a long time in gestation. Our minds were sharpened.

    Homer Magazine Issue 42 by Greyhound Trust - Issuu

    Some of us, such as Deputy Cahill, are very experienced in this area. We had the same process with the Horse Racing Ireland Bill. None of us is so intelligent that we cannot learn something new and we have learned a lot, but various areas, to which I have referred, need sharpening and tightening. If we have to address them with more severe sanctions, we will have to look at that. I know they will have to be subject to overview by the Attorney General, and I appreciate that more than anybody else.

    Cricket & Jack

    Nevertheless, we owe it to the people who pay their taxes to make sure the industry is above reproach with regard to its integrity, probity, governance and sanctions and, of course, with regard to the welfare of the animals. This is why the places to which we export our animals must be examined and scrutinised to ensure appropriate standards are implemented there. The Labour Party is very supportive of the Bill. What is central to the Bill is the welfare of greyhounds and there are considerable welfare issues relating to greyhounds.

    This is part of a bigger picture in Ireland of wanton, deliberate and sustained abuse of animals in spite of the many individuals and organisations dedicated to animal welfare, some of them without any State funding and relying on their own resources and fundraising. They are picking up the pieces from the mistreatment, abuse and cruelty that has been allowed to continue.

    I am looking at the Bill in the context of our other animal welfare legislation, which we know has not seen an end to cruelty. We also know the sanctions have not really been a deterrent. I am looking at this as part of the bigger picture.

    Looking at particular abuses where sanctions did not work, there was a recent case involving digging out foxes and a terrible example of a hunt chasing a fox into a housing estate.