Feline Fetishes: Erotic Tales of Science Fiction

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To be honest, I think the "Romantic Fiction" categories on dA are some of the better categories insofar as distinguishing between different types of writing are concerned. Also, if I were a "Cheap and Tawdry" author and you relegated me to "Erotic Fiction", I'd be pissed--but hey, that's just me. Also understand that "Romantic Fiction" is the main category and "General Romantic Fiction" is a subsection in that category. You cannot put something in "Romantic Fiction" unless you are putting it into a subsection like "General Romantic Fiction.

If you write something and try to put it in "Romantic Fiction," it will ask you to choose a subsection like "General Romantic Fiction". I hope all of that helped! Valkirie Featured By Owner May 31, I stated that The 'age' type categories take care of most of those aspects… , meaning that I considered them useful. All that aside, I do understand a distinction is trying to be made between relationships based on: 1.

Emotional development 2. Sexual development 3.

Teens; and 4. However, I still think several of the listed categories are meaningless. Not that it matters all that much. Others seem absolutely fine with it all. There is nothing moral about it, and I am sorry that you continue to want to impose moral beliefs or impressions on those categories. That said, I believe we've exhausted this discussion. Have a great day!

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Yes, it would seem so. Ha ha I've been thinking of the exact samething for ages. You could call articles that deal with miscats and category descriptions as "Pigeon-holing". Prev Next. If you've ever wanted some worthwhile advice from someone other than your high school English teacher, this is the place to look.

The authors below are experts in their fields, well-respected and admired by accomplished writers from all over the world, and we're bringing you a list of their most prized and collectively-effective books. Tried-and-tested by our worthy administrators, no less! So what're you waiting for? Learn how to make every word count! Giving Prose Visual Appeal Anyone who's spent any time reading text on a computer screen can tell you that things such as font, spacing, formatting, and size all play a role in how well a text is received.

Often times people make comments that disregard the importance of formatting a text. That's why we have proper formatting guidelines to begin with!

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With that in mind, WordCount is offering this quick guide to making your prose more appealing to the general public. Quick Reference List 1. Do not use subs. Wrath of the Grammar Nazi In favor of avoiding parallel structure debates misplaced modifiers, ahh! Please understand that this list is by no means exhaustive, nor is it original, but it warrants saying from time to time. Nothing in here is meant to insult you, all rules can be broken, and there are always exceptions. One should also note that rules about comma usage and "the dash" differ from place to place and country to country, but this list falls back on Oxford's guide to style because we all need a place to start.

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Apostrophes are not there to make words look pretty. They do have an actual purpose namely to indicate contractions or possession ; 2. Semicolons connect two related thoughts while simultaneously separating two complete thoughts or objects in a list ; 3. They are. Punctuating Dialogue: A Guide Standard Punctuation: Dialogue Sometimes we read dialogue so often, punctuated in so many different ways, that we either forget what we've learned if that was anything memorable to begin with or we rely on instinct to guide us.

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The doctors been keeping her pretty sedated. Well, double quotation marks are the more acceptable usage the "traditional convention" in American Standard English. However, in British Standard English, both the double quotation mark and single quotation mark are used. What's the rule? So You Wanna Be a Writer? Many writers profess their desire to be novelists or poets, and sometimes even journalists, but very few--indeed, even those sitting with Creative Writing degrees, know what other options are out there for someone gifted with words.

Your old Alma Mater wasn't lying when they said you could do "anything" with an English Literature degree, but they may have been leaving out much of the story. For writers, especially those trying to break into the publishing business, the world is a daunting and often depressing place. Securing a literary agent is almost necessary in today's oversaturated market and, while many publishers are still looking for the 'next big thing' or a new revival of the ever-dying 'literary fiction', just as many are happy to continuing publishing texts that make money.

Do not lose hope, however! Publishing the Great American Novel is not the only way to call yourself a writer, and sometimes you can slip in through the back d. Grammar Quickie: Apostrophes ostit: Apostrophes are used for two main reasons: to work hand-in-hand with the "S" to show possession to show that something belongs to someone or something else or to show that letters are missing from words. See the.

View Gallery. Featured in Collections Lessons by StarFieldProductions Active and Passive Voice Active Voice Active voice occurs when the subject or agent in the sentence performs the action, often towards an object. For example, let's look at the following sentence written in active voice: Katie spilled the milk.

In this sentence, Katie is the subject, and she performs the action spilling on the direct object the milk. The most obvious way to spot active voice is through the use of active verbs, which are simply verbs that express actions.

In most cases, the sentence will take on the simple form of the tense it's in, whether past, present, or future. Passive Voice In passive voice , the object being acted upon is emphasized over the agent. A passive version of the previous sentence would look like this: The milk was spilled by Katie.

In this sentence, our object the milk appears before the action was spilled and the agent Katie. You will also notice that this sentence is in the progressive fo. It's good you're taking a look at this - very good. How many of you have wondered how to use a colon?

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A Semi-Colon? How about a Hyphen? Well, this piece of literature will keep your head spinning for a while. Not because you are going to be confused, but because there is a rather large amount of information. However, you shouldn't let that stop you from becoming a better writer, right?

Feline Fetishes: Erotic Tales of Science Fiction

Well, look at the sentence below: I ordered many items on the list Lead-in : tomatoes, chips, b. Haiku exercise for beginners The haiku is about one moment, an instant in life captured. Where the poem is a painting, the haiku is a photograph showing the single comparison or eccentricity that makes nature so wonderful. The advantage the haijin has over the photographer is that he is not restricted to showing, but can also let the reader hear and feel the image. Some haiku make comparisons from different times of the day or year, combining this into a single image.

Where the photographer has a myriad of colour to work with the haiku poet can draw from a palette of, at the last count , words. The strict form of the haiku may cause some people to baulk at them.