Curse of the Missing Puppet Head (Masters of Crime Book 13)

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When Toshi the panda arrives from far away, Lucy doesn't understand why he does everything differently. She becomes increasingly frustrated wh….

Curse of the missing puppet head masters of crime book 13 PDF Book

A different bear is introduced on each page of this colourful board book, but there is something not quite right about most of them. Lots of different fairies are introduced throughout this book, but none of them are quite right. Her wings are too fluffy. This sturdy touch and feel book features a succession of colourful frogs, from one with silky feet, to another with bumpy spots, to another with shiny toes.

One of a growing series of touch and feel board books with interesting textures and shapes for inquisitive fingers to explore. This monster-themed book is an entertaining addition to the much-loved That's Not My This sturdy and durable board book is perfect for the very youngest children, with touch and feel images full of interesting textures and shapes that are ideal for small fingers to explore. Alfie Monk looks like any other year old boy.

However, as the title suggests, he is actually 1,years old. Author: Carla Spradbery Publisher: Hodder. Readers who are happy to suspend their disbelief will revel in a plot that races along with thrills, scares and entire shoals of red herrings littering the path to a gripping and tortuous climax. Ideal for lovers of Point Horror.

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With minimal text per page and brilliant black-and-white illustrations taking up most of the space, the story zips past at lightning speed and is a really easy, funny read. Best friends Andy and Terry live in an incredible treehouse, but when their publisher's grandchildren come to stay, things soon get out of control. In his first book for young adults, Sherman Alexie tells the story of budding artist Junior, a year-old Native American. For as long as she can remember, the end of October has been the beginning of the Accident Season for seventeen-year-old Cara and her family: cuts, falls and broken bones.

A spooky and psychological modern classic with a twist. Before he knows it, Joe is thrust straight through the limelight and into a seat at Number Kevin's just your everyday year-old, obsessed with phones and becoming a secret agent.

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Curse of the Missing Puppet Head (Masters of Crime Book 13)

The story of the wooden puppet who learns goodness and becomes a real boy is famous the world over, and has been familiar in English for over a century. A retelling of 11 Robin Hood stories, from his fight with Little John to the firing of his last arrow in humorous comic-strip format.

Author: Publisher: Oxford University Press. Baker Street will forever be associated with the famous pipe-smoking detective and his amiable sidekick Dr Watson. We all know that the dish ran away with the spoon but Mini Grey's new book explores what happened to the nursery rhyme characters next. The New Cut Gang are a rag-tag group of resourceful young rascals who get up to all manner of adventures on the streets of Victorian Lambeth.

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Filled with humour about the yucky stuff Zeke eats, and wonder at the feats he can perform, this inclusive story makes for a very entertaining tale. A hilarious story of an unwanted boy's determination to do good despite the efforts of his dastardly parents. First is the kindest, most trusting boy on the planet, but is born to Katiuscia and Gregor Smirth, two penny-pinching, egocentric parents who hate children and merely wanted him as an heir.

Despite their efforts to teach First that only greed and sel…. Fantastical illustrations complement this exuberant escapade, starring an almost fearless boy who is a tiny bit terrified of the dark. Author: Lucy Saxon Publisher: Bloomsbury. Mona's parents call her Groana because she's sometimes grumpy and loses her temper. She and her mother have moved out of their home and into a strange flat on the other side of town.