CultureIMPACT!: Impact of Organizational Culture on the Efficacy of Management

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Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Andrea Wagner Editor. Business management and improvement methods, models, and theories are in use everywhere, and they all purport to help organizations effectively and efficiently achieve organizational goals.

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Yet there is one that stands out from the rest: organizational culture. This book examines the principal idea that, no matter how valid or robust other management concepts, methods, mod Business management and improvement methods, models, and theories are in use everywhere, and they all purport to help organizations effectively and efficiently achieve organizational goals.

This book examines the principal idea that, no matter how valid or robust other management concepts, methods, models, theories and approaches may be, individually or collectively, they cannot compensate for a defensive and non-adaptive organizational culture. Farther back and higher up in the cause and effect hierarchy, organizational culture ultimately determines the efficacy of management and, as a result, organizational performance. With this firmly established, leadership takes on a whole new meaning and quickly emerges as the means by which a more constructive and adaptive organizational culture can be established.

When this happens, a wealth of untapped potential is unleashed and a newfound capacity for managing to achieve both short-term objectives and long-term organizational goals is realized. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 29 pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Thus a commercial that use a ballad in America might be better received to the turn of a boero in Mexico or a samba in brazil. So those who wish to steep them selves in a culture find it useful to study its folklore, which can disclose much about a society ways of life, for example associated a protect with cow boy would not be obtain the same result in Chile or Argentina as it done in the united state because in these countries cowboy is less romantic-- its just a job.

Where the nationalistic feelings are strong local firm have been able to compete successfully with foreign affiliate by making use of indigenous folklore in the form of the slogansand proverbs. Tables of folklore are valuable in maintaining a sense of group unity. The more managers learn about the attitude and beliefs, the better prepared they will be understand why people behave as they do, when their reaction differ from those that that the managers have learned to expect the dealing with their own people.

So we can say that the attitude and beliefs are great affect on the management efficiency, because if the behavior of the manager is good with the staff an the customer then the progress of work efficiency will low. So we can say that management efficiency depends upon the beliefs and attitudes of the organizational staff. These include attitude toward time, toward the achievement of work, and toward change. So we can say that management efficiency depends on the time.

If the manager is not punctual in time. It shows that organization is not working properly. We know that time is money. It say for the American that they live for the work, but it I say for Germans that they work to live. So we can say that manager swill encounter sharp difference in the attitude toward the work an achievement in the other culture compare to their own when they go overseas.

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However they must recruit the subordinate with the need to progress, whatever the underlying motive. One good source of such people is among relatively well educated member lower social class who work as a route to the prestige and social acceptance that have been denied them due to their birth.

What Makes a Good Organizational Culture?

She believed her firm, which was already trading with the japan, could handle the job. Irvine followed the Japanese customs of having a high level Japanese executive introduce her to owner of trading company. These cost her thousand of dollars in thousand of dollar in travel expense three weeks of preparation time. However the man never took her seriously, Irvine claims, "It is almost as if they were leading me along because I had been introduced by some body they respected.

They both agreed because was a women, she was not making any progress. Management efficiency is affected by the religion. Now we discuss about some religions and how they affect the management efficiency. There is notion that this world is an illusion because nothing is permanent. Time is cyclical, so living things including, human being are the constant process of birth, death, and reincarnation. Most Hindus believes that every thing in the world is subject to an eternal process of death and birth and that induals soul migrate from one body to another.

The jain doctrine teachers that there is no creator, no GOD,and not absolute principle. Through right faith, correct conduct, and the right knowledge of the soul, jains can purify themselves become free of the samsura, and achieve nirvana. Sikhs believes that there is only one god but they also accept the Hindu concept of samsura, karma, and spituil liberation.

Unlike the founder of the major religions, Muhammad was not only the prophet of God but also the head of state. Islam is divided in to two parts Sunnis and Shiites, but they both believed on God and Muhammad. Therefore their different beliefs affect on the management efficiency. He assumes that daily consumption would be hundred units. When the work start after the some time machine stopped suddenly. He thinks that machinery is failed but come to know that it is time of prayer and the Muslims offer prayer.

CultureIMPACT!: Impact of Organizational Culture on the Efficacy of Management

So he decrease his assumption from to 90 units per day. It is not wrong that if we say that success of any company depends upon the technology.

Impact of Organizational Culture On People Management

It s cultural aspects concerns govt. Technology cultural aspects are certainly important to international managers because new production methods and new production often require people to change their beliefs and ways of living.

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A new TV network attach by the firm's success in the United States, asked silver hammer to create promotional spots for its debut. However there were concern about the two new companies could work together, being so for apart. It set up on its web site some thing it called a "cyberin" that was accessible by password only to a particular client.

It posted storyboards, graphics scripts and correspondence those the client could see, comment on, and approved from computer anywhere in the world. The two companies took advantage of eight hour time difference between the California and the London in the same way of India software engineers and America software firms do.

Sid CEO Holly Diefenderfer, this has been so effective for us to open door to other areas of marketplaces. If they are educated they know that how to deal different people in different situations. If the managers are betterly trained then they give a good result. We can say that success of any organization depends upon the good, efficient, and effective management.

For the success of the organization it is necessary that employess of that organization must familiar with English. It is divided in to two classes of institution: those base on kinship the family is basic unit of the institution based on kinship and those based on free association of the individual.

According to our view the politics has two kinds positive and negative. Positive is in the favour of organization but the negative is against. For the success of the organization in the world of the business, it is necessary that the employee should avoid politics. The political structure should not be in the organization culture's because it has negative effect on the employee work and the productivity of work going toward decrease. It affects on the management efficiency. As the composition of work force change managers must take a long hard look at their organizational culture to see if the shared values and meanings that were appropriate for a more homogeneous employees base will support diverse views.

How can manager create a culture that advocates and encourages diversity. Now managers who accept diversity as a corporate asset recognize that its benefits the organization by bringing in the broad range of viewpoint problem solving skills. An organizational culture that nourishes and celebrate the diversity lets employees be themselves and encourage them to develop their own unique strength and present innovative ideas from their perspectives. No longer do diverse employee feel like they have to "play it safe" by hiding their differences. Manager throughout to organization at every level fundamentally accept that diversity is valued and reflect this by what they say and do.

An organization that truly wants to promote diversity must shape its culture to allow diversity to flourish. One way to do this for managers to assimilate diverse perspectives while performing the managerial functions. For example at miller brewing company executive is firmly committed to diversity recruitment and have establish a workforce diversity department to aid human resources planning and organizing activities. At baster healthcare corporation a detail process of total corporate diversity management including assessment, implementation and evaluation serve to strengthen the company belief that its investment in human capital is its most important resource.

Some suggestions include encouraging individuals values and defend diverse views creating traditions and ceremonies that celebrate diversity, rewarding appropriate "heroes and heroines" who accept and diversity, and communication through formal and informal networks reports about employees who champion diversity issues.

Cultural impact on management efficiency

For instance at Ortho biotech Johnson and Johnson subsidiay present Dennis Lonstreet has managing diversity a top priority numerous other have found ways to design polices and practice that allow diversity to the person and thrive. These organizations do not see cultural or environmental changes as constraints but opportunities which to profit. Therefor organization operation in collectivist culture are more likely to relay on group decision making than are those in individualistic culture where the emphasis is on individual decision making. In large organizations employees believe their supervisors that they are right even when they are even when they are wrong, and the employees do not take and initiative in making non routine decisions.

On the other hand participate management style of leadership is likely to be a productive for an organization in low power country. Employees in high risk avoidance culture such as Japan Greece and the Portugal tend to stay with their organization for long time.

How Can Managers Reinforce Your Company's Culture?

The management efficiency will decrease or increase due to culture influence. A strong culture has a great impact on the management efficiency. If there is positive strong culture then the productivity of work will increase. If negative then efficiency will decrease. Social culture has also great impact on the management efficiency.