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Afternoons [20]. Although dialogue was the literary genre chosen for all volumes of the PR, characters changed throughout the ten volumes. At another level, it is an operational and instrumental category. It is the kind of reason that structures the explanatory scheme of natural phenomena by using a deductive and geometric reasoning, which, according to Almeida, is independent from questions of faith.

The use of experiment is another methodological instance to which Almeida resorts throughout his dialogue on natural philosophy. Experiments are interwoven in his discourse making his arguments more solid. He conducts and describes some of these experiments; other experiments are purely conceptual and in this case Almeida illustrates them with drawings that he describes, by placing them in the engravings at the end of each volume Fig.

Finally, he also uses experiments mentioned in texts written by foreign authors, whom he cites in order to reinforce his arguments. Desaguliers — , Newton — , Buffon — , Voltaire — , William Derham — and Jan Swammerdam — Figure 17 bottom right of the plate refers to weight of liquids. From this list of topics it is easy to conclude that the purpose of the PR extended beyond natural philosophy, by addressing subjects that were considered to be part of natural history, such as descriptions of insects, fish and birds and even of some geological phenomena.

In the last two volumes of the PR, the context changed and the number of characters increases. The program undertaken by Almeida to instruct those who could not attend classes, in other words with no secondary education, led him to avoid, although not completely, the introduction of mathematics in the PR. The nature of the subjects that he addresses such as, for example, the composition of motions, levers, hydrostatics or the relation between forces and speeds, makes him resort to arguments of the geometric nature included in the prints of the book.

The publication of the PR was devilled with controversy from the very beginning. One of the disagreements revolved around themes that today one could no longer consider marginal to the scientific paradigm but which, in the eighteenth century, were still part of the corpus of natural philosophy, due to their relationship with religion: the existence or not of a soul in beasts and the Eucharistic accidents. Is not the place here to develop this line of controversy but merely to mention that Almeida defended in the PR a line of argument close to the Cartesian doxa: beasts have no soul, or at least not the same as humans; as regards the Eucharist, Almeida claimed that accidents are not entities distinct from substance, as defended by the advocates of scholasticism; and as such, as form was not an entity distinct from matter but the way matter presents itself, it is thanks to the miraculous divine intervention that the bread and the wine—when they become, in the Eucharist, the body and blood of Christ—retain their characteristics, such as taste or smell.

One of the argumentative strategies of the staunchest opponents to modern philosophy and, namely, of the PR, consisted of its depreciation and philosophical downgrading by relegating it to a mere text to be used in schools that taught children how to read and, at the same time, philosophise. Open source code is definitely better than closed one for several reasons. I really believe that code payed with taxpayer money must be open.

There's already a disclosure of administration law in effect, just make it open source already!

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Vrije software is veiliger en, zeker voor iets dat door publiek geld wordt betaald, oneindig beter te rechtvaardigen. I feel the government takes too much from the people that we actually pay for and then charge us for it. It is complete nonsense that e. Microsoft is payed insane amounts of public money, just to deliver a closed source spionage tool. This is a great idea, let's start with open source redistricting software to prevent gerrymandering. Free Software gives everybody the right to use, study, share and improve software.

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This right helps support other fundamental freedoms like. Public code implies mainly transparency along with more benefits.

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People deserve it, we pay for these softwares. Somos muchos los que queremos codigo abierto, muchos los que hemos trabajado para que sea libre y de acceso publico. Physical immortality cannot be achieved. Water is worth more than gold. Gravity pulls us all down! Time used for this worth over a million! Tax paying is mandatory, that doesn't imply the choice belongs to government in EU democracies.

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Open Source is the best way to improve many services, in many domains. They will always be people to contribute. As a citizen of a third-world country I would rather our government have access to cheaper open source than receive aid. Codes should be made public. This will bring a greater clarity and transparency in the governance. People will have a better digital life.

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Open Source Software will provide the necessary transparancy that we, the peoples of Europe, demand. It should be mandatory that the applications that we pay all developed by the state were free and open source.

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Applications paid by the public should be available for everyone. Tax from citizen should be back to upgrade public knowlegede and free. It makes sense morally and technically to give the public access to the code that was paid for with public money. Add legislation that publicly financed software made for the public sector be publicly available under Free and Open Source Software license. It is only logical, that software which was created using public money should be in public domain. We need FOSS supported with public money, because it's the only way to build a truly democratic technological fundation for our society.

Krasse Steuerverschwendung!!

There is not reasing for code not to be free except if it contains malware, and in that case it should not be funded with public money. We can't let our infrastructure be controlled by foreign interests that abuse their monopoly. I think Europe and Open Source are a good match and can help each other out for a better future. I support this movement. Nicht nur an staatliche Einrichtungen denken. All over the world public money on code should be freely available to anyone. I subscribe this effort! Public code is great for everyone involved - be it private company or a citizen - we all can learn and build on top of each other.

As the public sector gets more automated, laws are often partially implemented as software; this should be as public as the laws themselves. The budget system should encourage collaboration to save resources globally, and not just in software. A step in the right direction to better serve the public.

It extends the movement of transparency and trust. Please require that public money goes to public resources and that we can all build on the shared knowledge of the community.

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Service und Surveillance. I fully agree with the demand of this campaign. Furthermore I demand, that all authorities refrain from using closed source software! Die Bibel, Gal 5,1. Open source and free softwares to develop the humanity. And stop focusing on control and multipling money. No manager would listen to me advocating for open source. I am IT pro working in.


Open source is the way to go! Public spending should benefit the pubic, indefinitely. OSS is the most-obvious, and best, way of making software budget go the longest way. Public money for public code for maximum evolvability of software for all and away from rentier control. Sowas muss verhindert werden! I am critical of publicly founded software at all, but if they exist ths must be not just under a free lincence, but public domain.

We need transparency when software is funded by tax money. Today we do not know if the software even exists. Securiy by obscurity to nie argument. Spreading the word of free software is difficult because it takes time. But if we keep at it, we'll make progress. Merci et bon courage pour cette initiative.

Il software open source permette un risparmio economico ed un livello di sicurezza maggiore rispetto al software proprietario. Please keep taxpayers money inside Europe; no money to Microsoft for being incompatibe with everything, even with itself. A transparent government is a trustable government.

Code should also be transparent, and it can be just by being open source! I support this not only because it's moral, but because closed-source code has allowed fraudulent contracts in Romania. Die Sicherheit von Software darf nicht dadurch bestehen, dass der Quellcode verheimlicht wird, sondern durch die Implementierung.

Hat man denn von Snowden nichts gelernt? EU ruled that scientific research paid by tax payers should be open access.