Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #108

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In her case, she must consciously suppress transforming into a serpent, and it causes some question as to what her true nature is. More subdued and less action-focused as some of the others in the series, this one still moves the characters along and further explores the features and themes of the setting. Instead, things are handled with a bit more of an eye toward skins and appearances. The fox is trapped in his current form, unable to go back, and the effect is that he wants a release from it all.

Because what might be a blessing to one person can be a curse to someone else and the issue normally is one of consent.

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Mei Li wants to be a human, and so something that would help her to achieve that is good. Is a wrong that they have t address. The thing itself is neither good nor bad, but rather has to be taken in context of the situation.

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