A Sibling Group of Three

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Families adopting from Bulgaria can expect to wait months to be matched with a child from when their dossier is submitted to the Ministry of Justice. Most of our families wait in that timeframe, even though we have seen the timeframes change over the years.


There are several things that families can be open to for a shorter wait time — a sibling group of three, a child or children over the age of eight years old or a child with significant special needs. As you can see below, families open to sibling groups of three either through the traditional referral route or matched with waiting children are seeing shorter wait times than families hoping to adopt one or two children.

I think it could be for you, too. When the siblings are removed from biological parents they still get to have and be comforted by each other.

A Sibling Group of Three

We got more children to love. You want to open your home to a child who needs one. Adding one extra after that, or even two or three, with the right support in place is not as difficult as you might think it is.

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  • The key is the right support. That means different things for everyone. For me it means running, and chatting with other foster and adoptive moms , among other things.

    Nate and Stephen Adopted a Sibling Group of Three - Gays With Kids

    We always wanted kids. Adding three at one time was really, really hard guys, but it was ultimately what we wanted.

    Sibling Trio The Bundys Surprise the Coaches with "Closer to Fine" - The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

    We love getting to help these kids grow and heal. They keep each other company. When I am tapped out, big brothers are almost always good for a round of chase, tag, or to bounce on the trampoline.

    Adopting a Sibling Group

    I cannot imagine life with my little girl without my big boys around. It would be so different. They need her and she needs them.

    Built in excuses to stay home. At the very least they get why you might not want to leave your house. But we are just a regular family getting on with life and enjoying ourselves. We would not change it for the world. He said it had been hard but that the three children had deserved to stay together.

    Why I Chose To Foster A Sibling Group

    This is why my tagline for life has quickly become "Will it be Easy? Worth it? Seeing their smiling, excited faces when I come home from work or get off early and pick them up from school is more than I had ever dreamed of. At the time the girls were three, two and a year old.