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At last the sun breaks away clouds and the light in my window dims. The cup with bull fresh and bold is taken out of my coat and I throw it up and over muddy grass and the sighing pebbles. It soars over the sea that is turning blue and falls towards the distant ships ready for its return. Monday, 24 February You don't mess with Grandma.

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Labels: Microfiction Monday. Saturday, 22 February Winter Blues. On a summer day Grasshopper dude was hanging when he saw Ant toiling. Alas chill winter came.

Grasshopper warm and chewing on roasted Ant thought, Yep, change with the times, bro. Labels: Fairytales that bite , Reviewed Friday, 21 February Work in progress. This was so said Kings and the lowly said Amen.

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Till truth fell Kings to sweat in fields. And then it came to pass that Bankers said this was so and the lowly said Amen. Till truth Labels: 55 Friday Flash Fiction.

Saturday, 15 February I told you I'd come back. What flowers should I order? The story of young prince, brought up as a goatherd, who becomes king on the death of his father and develops a deep fascination with the beautiful objects his wealth affords him.

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The Hunter and the Bear. Bobby Osgood woke up one October morning and he was twelve years old again Jodie's Daddy is a Garbageman! This story brings Take Your Daughter to Work Day to a different level, but it all ends up down in the dumps. Mr Sticky. The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Classic fable. Moral: There is no believing a liar, even when he speaks the truth.

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